Lunch Money is a paid media agency mentored by
Jason Hornung of The Jason Hornung Agency,
one of the world's most sought-after Facebook Ads expert.




Competitor Research

We'll reverse engineer your top competitor's ad strategies to target the market share you and your brand seek.


Ad Testing

Various combinations of ad copy and visuals will be tested on multiple demographics to optimize your new ad campaign and deliver it to those "cream of the crop" customers.


Campaign Execution

We'll take the best-tested ads, and track and tweak their performance on a daily basis so that your brand is getting optimal conversions every step of the way.


  Please fill out the form on our  Contact  page for package inquiries.

Please fill out the form on our Contact page for package inquiries.


Initial Setup:

  • Conducting competitive market research by reverse engineering competitor's advertising strategies
  • Developing a market research based advertising strategy designed to position clients for success in the marketplace
  • Creating initial advertisement copy and imagery
  • Setting up initial campaigns for testing on Facebook
  • Setting up a system to track and report all key performance indicators (KPI's)
  • Providing marketing funnel and sales process improvement consulting, up to 2 hours per month

ongoing services:

  • Providing management of Facebook primary traffic system by copywriting and implementing new advertisements, as needed, testing advertisements and optimizing and scaling campaigns
  • Providing weekly results reporting including reports delivered every Friday (except Federal holidays), with all KPI's shown all full transparency in advertising and reporting
  • Continuing support and consultation on market and sales process improvement based on data analysis
  • Providing a monthly call for up to 2 hours with Ryan personally to go over your campaign and its progress

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