Why Facebook
and Instagram Ads?


Facebook and Instagram ads are the single most cost-effective way to advertise in 2018. Typically cheaper than Google AdWords, the Facebook platform, which also handles Instagram ads, enables potential customers to be immediately sent to you and your brand in real time, making a sales conversion a higher possibility than other traditional forms of advertising (i.e. direct mail campaigns, cold calls, classifieds).


Lunch Money has years of experience in Instagram marketing, growing and managing Instagram accounts in industries such as retail, luxury, lifestyle, travel, fashion, bridal, music, fitness, and interior design. We understand the customer bases of these industries, and what catches their eye visually to convert them to a follower and/or customer.

Do you still offer Instagram growth and management services?

We are no longer taking on Instagram growth and management clients.

What are some brands that you've done Instagram marketing for?

Please click here to see some of our previous clients.

What is the difference between ad budget and “testing” budget?

Ad budget is the amount that you’re willing to spend per month on your ad campaign. Testing budget is the amount you’re willing to put into testing out different demographics before beginning your ad campaign. Great testing leads to much more effective ad campaigns.

Is there a recommended
minimum for
monthly ad budget and the testing budget?

We recommend budgeting a minimum of $500 for your monthly ad budget to have solid market penetration and a testing budget minimum of $150. Please note that the testing budget is only required every few months, not every month.

Do you have a monthly minimum commitment?

Yes, we require a monthly minimum commitment of three months in order to fully bring an ad campaign from infancy to maturity.

What is your monthly fee to fully manage my ad campaign?

Our monthly fee is $2,500.

What sort of return on investment can I expect?

Depending on your product, your sales funnel and your overall offering, your ROI can vary greatly. Lunch Money strives to achieve a minimum of a 2-to-1 return, meaning getting you $2 for every $1 you’re putting towards our agency fee and your ad spend combined, however, we do not guarantee results. It is also possible to receive greater than a 2-to-1 return if your product or service has a great offer to advertise.

Are you currently taking on new clients?

Yes. Please note that we only take on two new clients per month until our roster is full. Every campaign requires a significant amount of attention, therefore we work with a limited amount of clients. If slots fill up and we feel you might be a good fit with our agency, we will give you the option of being put on our waitlist.