This is the single, most important question we need to answer for our clients everyday. For business owners, Instagram can be like that weird, zany aunt lurking in the corner at a family reunion that your mom wants you to go talk to for a minute. They know they’d really prefer not to engage in conversation with her, but probably should to be polite. I’m here to implore you to go talk to her, because what you don’t know is she has a big, fat birthday check in her pocket with your name on it trying to make up for the last decade of birthdays she’s missed of yours! 

All you have to do is go talk to her and you get the check. 

Instagram is an amazing visual storytelling platform that can be an amazing tool in your digital marketing strategy. We are no longer in the days of social media where your business needs to have a presence across all platforms. Now, you just have to get one of them right to be effective for you. Although I’d admit that Instagram isn’t necessarily a good fit for every business, it is certainly appropriate for the larger majority of them. 

To be successful on Instagram, it requires one important thing: consistency. If you can post at a regular frequency, it’s amazing how simple it can be to grow your account. The problem is, most people don’t have the time to keep up with the consistency. At Lunch Money, we take care of addressing that consistency on behalf of our clients with our Community Management service by creating an editorial calendar of your content, writing captions and hashtags and posting for them on Instagram everyday.

There is something so simple you can do starting today to grow your business - it’s not the e-blasts, or the Facebook ads or the cold calls, it’s ol’ Aunt Instagram. Sure, she might wear odd, clunky jewelry, smudged glasses and clothes that smell like cats, but she’s got one hell of a story to tell you. Oh, and let’s not forget about that check she’s been waiting to give you. Go over there and give her a hug and a smile. It’s not nearly as hard as you think it will be. 

Written by Ryan Carmody

Ryan is a resourceful brand strategist that has advised hundreds of companies in a multitude of industries. He brings his vast array of skill sets and experience to Instagram, where he’s able to bridge his passion for storytelling and help businesses share their unique value propositions visually.